Digital Management – Innovation and Performance

Digital Management – Key to Innovation and performance is a 2 weeks summer program will focus on the following subjects:

  • Digital Management
  • Business analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Supply chain Management.
  • Strategic Leadership and Change Management

Dates: 17th June 2019 to 30th June 2019

Course Focus:

The Program will focus on new models for innovation and project management performance and digital management methods are imparted during this intensive program. Students learn about methods and related concepts within the field of digital management and seminars will be held on Business analytics, Supply chain Management, Strategic Leadership and Change Management
It will equip and enhance student’s theoretical knowledge with required tools and techniques and thereby giving them an edge over others on the global job market competition with real time case studies.

Key Benefits of the Program

Students benefit from the program on how Digital Management has the potential to integrate and streamline entire business process in order to increase business performance and Increase productivity.
Business Analytics will equip students with tools that empowers businesses to make quick, informed decisions thereby increasing productivity
Supply Chain helps in companies gain competitive edge, many global companies are recognising and adopting the expanding role of digitalisation as a fundamental Business strategy to realise innovation. Agile innovation methods is the Mantra for Learning by doing, Rapidly delivering working products, developing innovative delivery methods and adapting to changing requirements.

Who can attend the program?

The summer program is for students studying in MBA, with focus on Management as specialization.

Program fees

Non-EU students: 700 Euros (workshop only), Students are accepted only through universities, individual students are not accepted.

All other costs i.e. logistics (Flight, visa fee, travel in Rome, company visit travel cost), living cost (food & Accommodation) will be borne by the students.


The payment information:

SSCH-03 2019
IBAN: IT26X0200805168000400695175


For further information and registration please contact Dr. Sunil Kumar,