The University of Rome Tor Vergata was founded in 1982. It is ranked among the Top 100 less than 50 years old Universities in the world by both QS© and Times Higher Education©.

A public university with competitive tuition fees and modern student facilities, in little more than 30 years “Tor Vergata” has become one of the most Important Italian universities: about 40.000 students per year enroll in 112 graduate programmes (Bachelor, MSc or MA, single-cycle), 160 post graduate courses, 50 specialisation schools and 31 PhD programmes, taught in Italian or English.

The Campus is about 40 minutes away from the historical city centre of the “Eternal City”, Rome, by means of the subway system, and 20 minutes away from the peaceful Castelli Romani, notorious for their vineyards and fresh hillside landscape.

The six Schools (Economics, Engineering, Humanities, Law, Medicine and Sciences) are located on a vast 600 hectares Campus. Each School has its own library, teaching and research facilities, reading rooms, laboratories, canteens and green areas where students can experience a real campus life.  The Medical School is part of the important University Hospital compound, the Policlinico Tor Vergata (PTV), where students can afford health care and physical emergency assistance.

International Memberships

Tor Vergata University is recognized for its prestigious international memberships and for its English-based teaching activities. Among its affiliations, Tor Vergata is part of two important networks: the Young European Research Universities Network (YERUN) and Venice International University (VIU).

YERUN is composed of young European universities with accredited international presence and it aims at creating collaborations of both research and teaching activities like dual degrees and student exchanges.

VIU is a network of prestigious world Universities, offering to our students a semester in Venice to study globalization issues and so enriching the experience of learning by means of interdisciplinary knowledge.

UNICA – Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe is  made up of 46 universities from 35 capital cities of Europe, combining over 150,000 university staff and 1.800,000 students. The network provides a forum for its Members to reflect on the latest developments and demands of strategic change in university research, education and administration.

Tor Vergata is ranked fourth in Italy for the number of 3-year Bachelors, 2-years Masters and one-cycle (5 or 6 years) degrees all in English. This is one of the reasons why Tor Vergata welcomes more than 4.000 international students every year, coming from all over the world.

Cultural Capital

Studying in Rome will add to the quality of your studies an amazing cultural perspective. A 2.768 years old city where you can see the passing of time simply by strolling across its central streets: ancient times, Middle-Age, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism and Modern Rome are ready to be discovered. A center for inter-religious debate and th e city where the founding Treaty for the European Union was signed, you will be able to enjoy all this surrounded by a gentle weather, arts and music, fashion and food.

Rome embraces Tor Vergata: let Tor Vergata embrace you!