Yerun Summer School Scholarships

In order to promote and strengthen the cooperation in the area of scientific research, academic education and mobility programs for students, University of Rome Tor Vergata announces for the academic year 2016/2017, a call for 20 scholarships for all the students willing to attend a summer school in one of the YERUN Network Universites:

Students admitted to one of the summer schools offered by the listed Universities, will be granted with a scholarship included between 1,250 euros and 2,000 euros in the following way:

  • scholarships of € 2,000 for students willing to attend one of the summer schools of two weeks offered by the listed Universities;
  • scholarships of € 1,250 for students willing to attend one of the summer schools of one week offered by the listed Universities.

No more than 15 of the 20 total scholarships can be assigned to a two-week summer school. The scholarships will be fully funded by the “Sebastiano and Rita Raeli Foundation for Tor Vergata”.


Admission Requirements

Students enrolled within the regular duration of the study course in a Bachelor or Master of Science/Art or One-cycle degree programme, from the II year at the University of Rome Tor Vergata for the a.y. 2016/2017, can submit their application to this call.

Terms and Conditions

Applications are to be sent via e-mail to: by May 22th 2017, (e-mail object: NAME + SURNAME).
Students will have to meet the requirement required by art. 2 of this notice by May 20th, 2017.

The application form must be attached to the e-mail together with the following documents:

  • curriculum vitae;
  • motivation letter (in English or Italian)

Scholarships are allocated to each school of the University as follows:
3 scholarships for Economics, 2 for Law, 4 for Engineering, 3 for Humanities and Philosophy, 6 for
Medicine and Surgery, 2 for Mathematical, Physical and Natural Resources school.
Applicants will be evaluated and ranked upon merit, on the basis the grade point average GPA
(marks acquired by 31/03/2017).
The ranking list will be laid out in descending order according to the GPA.

Please note:

  • The amount of the required credits is calculated multiplying the number of the years of enrolment by 60;
  • Only the exams and relative marks taken at University of Rome Tor Vergata or abroad,
    within the framework of University of Rome Tor Vergata mobility programmes, will be
  • Exams from other academic carriers will not be recognized.

The student with the lowest ISEE-University value will be preferred, in case of equal position.
The Selection Committee is comprised of 2 members of Yerun Committee and a member of the
administrative staff.

Merit List

The merit list will be published on the University website at the following address, under the
appropriate guarantees to protect the privacy: Tor Vergata Scholarships

The publication of the list will be considered as an official communication of the results.
Any other form of communication of the list is not provided.

The publication of the list is scheduled starting from May 25th , 2017.


The amount of the scholarship will be awarded only after the presentation of the admission letter
of the chosen summer school.


Any renouncement will must be promptly communicated at the Welcome Office at the following
email address:

Statement of the performed activity

At the end of the period abroad, all the recipients of the scholarships will have to provide to the
Welcome Office, a statement of the performed activity issued by the host University.
The eventual missed certification of the performed activity will cause the return of the scholarship
previously awarded.


Address: Via Orazio Raimondo, 18 – 00173 Roma
Phone: 06 7259 2817